Security & HIPAA


Encryption: All documents are encoded with 256 bit encryption before they are transmitted.


User authentication: All users receive unique user ids and passwords so that they can access their accounts.


Verisign certification: Verisign is the leading web certification authority in the US.


Confidentiality of user information: We do not sell or provide our user details to any other organization or entity.

Security Network

Network security: There are stringent policies about access to the network.

Hippa and Security

Server Location

The server is located on Verio, one of the top 5 internet hosting companies in the US. The server is certified to handle eventualities like fire, earthquake and power-failures. Physical access to the server is limited to authorized personnel only.

Millions of dollars have been invested to develop a "closed environment" that insures every document is tracked on an audit trial for 100% accountability.

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