Michael A. Marks - President

Michael Marks formed Medical Arc, LLC. in 1999 and has steadily grown to one off the area's largest and premier providers. Our goal is to insure that Medical Arc, LLC. is always looking forward with the same vision of healthcare information management that will meet our clients present and future needs for their medical practices.

Michael previously served as a sales representative for CBay Systems and Services (now M*Modal Systems and Services). Seeing great potential for physician based practices he left his position in 1999 and founded Medical Arc, LLC. With our new technology offerings through M*Modal Medical Arc, LLC. is more confident than ever that we can continue to grow and offer the best possible solution for each and every practice and physician.

Lawrence 'LJ' Bender - VP / Client Services and Solutions

Lawrence Bender known as LJ has been with Medical Arc, LLC for eight years. As Vice President of Client Services, he currently manages several departments: Information Services, Quality Assurance, and Operations. He also serves as CBAY Transcription customer relationship department. LJ has more than 15 years of experience implementing IT solutions in the healthcare industry. His previous positions include serving as Technical Support Manager for Medical Arc, LLC. Early in his career; LJ was a support analyst for several medical practices and a fortune 500 company.

Nancy Savadove - Senior Account Manager

With more than 40 years of healthcare experience, Nancy Savadove ensures that clients find a true partner in Medical Arc, LLC. From the time a new provider uploads their first reports through the entire cycle. Nancy oversees management of their quality and overseas quality audits. Nancy was one of the first team members at Medical Arc, LLC and her experience, friendliness, and kindness has always helped in moving Medical Arc, LLC forward. Pervious to joining Medical Arc, LLC. Nancy served in a number of administrative rolls, as a Medical Transcriptionist, Pharmacy director and nursing services.

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